My name is Krystal and I’m an American living in Luzern, Switzerland since 2009.  2009 was also the year that I started Village, my first lifestyle blog – I had no idea at the time that just sharing things I liked on the Internet would connect me with such a cool community, place me at the forefront of lifestyle blogging ins and outs, introduce me to emerging designers from all over and shape my interests for the rest of my life. During the blogs early years I was hosting sponsors from young creators from all over – I absolutely loved sharing their talents and it eventually planted the seed of what is now my own online and brick and mortar concept store (Hey That’s Nice) here in Luzern! (I even carry some of the designers who sponsored my blog in 2010 :D)

I grew up in the Midwest (near Chicago) and attended schools in Michigan and Iowa to study Psychology and Social Work. Shortly after finishing school, I moved to Switzerland where I have worked in the pharma industry for years by day – and by night I run my concept store, parent an insane (in a good way) 6 year old and try to pack in a lot of fun, dancing and time with friends.

While I’ve out grown Village (and moved away from a literal village) I never outgrew the desire to share things that I find interesting – more so to keep track of them for myself! Cool Addition hopes to do just that – as well as inspire you along the way.
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