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Monday Links

(image via) + The 10 best TED talks of the year + A look in to polyamorous relationships + The case for creative persistance: The Helskinki Bus Station Theory + 30 behaviors that will make you unstoppable in 2019 + … Continue reading

14. January 2019 by krystal
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Thursday Links

__________ + This Netflix movie, Roma, looks incredible. And some history to read before you watch it. + On using a flip phone + How to Celebrate when everything feels bad + Rethinking the end of the year blues + … Continue reading

27. December 2018 by krystal
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Monday Links

+ This is such a cool print – you can buy it here on Amazon (a definitely use that link if you do and i’ll get like 3 cents!) + 5 questions to ask at a job interview + she … Continue reading

05. November 2018 by krystal
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Monday Links

+ Appreciation is the single most valuable motivator at work + “Be like Water” – notes and philosopnies by Bruce Lee + I don’t get it, people are eating tide pods??? + an artist switched the sexes in vintage ads…so … Continue reading

29. October 2018 by krystal
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